YONGMEI VR Glasses-VR Machine Basic Version Smart VR Glasses 3D Helmet (Color : White)

  • Buy this product to send stereo headphones + Kingston 64GB memory card
  • One machine battery: 3800mAh battery, about three hours of game, video and audio continuous use time 6DoF handle: 450Ah battery, about 9 hours of use time
  • Screen display: 1440*1600 (single eye) dual 3.5 inch high speed display, 90Hz refresh rate, FOV: 101°, memory: 4GB LPDDR4*1866MHz, flash memory: 64GB UFS2.1, up to 256GB Micro-SD card expansion
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, eight core 2.45GHz, Qualcomm 540GPU
  • Binocular camera for head 6DoF spatial positioning, ultrasonic positioning sensor, 6DoF spatial positioning for hand, high precision nine-axis sensor, distance sensor

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